M-Commerce / E-Commerce Integration

E-Commerce Integration

Decrease labour time involved in running your site by automating update its stock data with system integration.

Integrate your website with offline software

The clients using offline accounting, inventory or management software can be beneficial by linking website with these applications, for the purposes of simplifying its stock, accounts and catalogue features.

  • Add new customers to your offline software when a new customer places an order online
  • Keep customer accounts updated between website and offline software
  • Automate and synchronies stock control between website and offline software

Systems integrations can be either partial or overall - a partial integration might involve the setup of import/export procedures between the website and your offline software, enabling you to import spreadsheet / CSV files manually between the two.

Full integration makes synchronization of website and offline software automatic, enabling near real-time stock level, order and customer management.

M-Commerce Integration

Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce) is currently the hot growth story in E-Commerce. Driven by the uptake in 3G enabled smart phones and Wi-Fi availability, consumer spending via mobile is forecast to become a significant percentage of overall E-Commerce spend over the coming years.

In addition to building websites and apps for mobiles, we are able to offer you wide range of services including integrated mobile strategy, mobile marketing, mobile messaging, mobile payments & billing ETC.

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