Optional Add-ons

Multi-User Environment

Multi-User EnvironmentMore Info...

It change our Single User Accounting Software into Multi-User Enabled Application

Basic software is secured by password protection. Any person having password for opening software can get access to any function of software. We also offer advance security system called "Multi-User Environment". Through this, Administrator can create user and limited their access to the selected reports & functions (e.g. View / Add / Edit / Delete).

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Network Compatibility

Network CompatibilityMore Info...

User can share same Accounting Software with others on the Network

After purchasing add-on named "Network Compatibility", user will be shifted to "Multi-PC License". Software will be installed & registered in Server (Any one Computer among Network), From server, software folder will be shared which can be accessed by another connected PC.

Single software can be fully accessed from multiple PCs at single time. Data entered by different PCs will be accumul... Read Full Information

Features marked with an (*) are available in Professional Edition only