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Cleantouch General Distribution System

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It Helps You Drive Your Distribution Business Smoothly

Cleantouch General Distribution System is written for small business of distribution. User can track records of physical stock, stock at salesman, stock at multiple locations along with integrated accounting options. Customer / Salesman / Area / Booker / Item / Location wise Profit Reports give users complete static that means a lot itself.

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Highlighted Features
  • 2 Level Chart of Account
  • Non-Active Parties & Items List
  • Various Type of Sale Summaries to Understand Business In-Depth
  • Personal & Stock to Salesmen
  • Customer / Saleman / Area / Booker wise Profit & Receivable Reports
  • Stock Requisition keep you informed regarding Minimum Stock Level
Integrated Modules
  • Accounts
  • Inventory
  • Salesmen wise Stock
  • *Orders
  • *Inventory In / Out
  • *Product Expenses

Features marked with an (*) are available in Professional Edition only