WebSite Maintenance Contract

A website maintenance contract should be considered if you are planning on making periodic or frequent changes to the content of your website. A maintenance contract can be entered into at any time.

Web Issues to Consider...

  • If you periodically or regularly require the content to be updated.
  • The addition to existing content, features added or deleted regularly, updates, new links or broken links redirected or replaced due to outside sources, search engine re-analysis, etc.
  • Checks and or repairs of broken links, graphics or any overlooked typos, if any at all, are covered under warranty for 15 days after development. After that, all services will be billed if a maintenance agreement or contract has not been arranged.
Level 1
1-10 Pages Website
Without Contact ETC Form
Pak Rs.3,000/Year
(US $30/Year)
Level 2
1-15 Pages Website
With 1-2 Contact / Order Form
Without Database Integration
Pak Rs.5,000/Year
(US $50/Year)
Level 3
Web Application
E-Commerce Site
15+ Pages Site
A Website with 2+ Forms
E-Mail / Call

* Maintenance charges are saperate from yearly hosting / domain renewal charges
* If you require periodic alteration to graphics or fresh images and/or graphic alterations such as color, text, special promotional services, etc. This service does not cover the cost of new graphic or image creations, only the update of current graphics or content will apply.