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Cleantouch Store Department Controller

Cleantouch Store Department ControllerMore Info...

Store Department Inventory Software for Factory / Mills

Cleantouch Store Department Controller is written for store department of production unit. But it can be used by any business to track record of inventory in simple stock in & stock out way, up to Stock Ledger & Stock Report. Software allows you to track record of transit stock as well as personal stock. For example you have your personal stock in store and also having stock of some other parti... Read Full Information

Highlighted Features
  • Easiest to Maintain Store Inventory
  • Multi-Location / Multiple Ownership of Stock
  • Built-in Data Backup & Restore Features
  • 1000+ Pre-Defined Color Schemes
Integrated Modules
  • Inventory
Cleantouch Cold Storage Controller

Cleantouch Cold Storage ControllerMore Info...

Comprehensive Software for Cold Storage & Warehouses

Cleantouch Cold Storage Controller is written for Cold Storage but it can fulfill all the requirement of businesses, which store products of party on their space and charge an amount & charges from party. User of software will have an option to maintain their own inventory by sales & purchase forms. User can apply bags replacement charges to party along with maintaining inventory of personal ba... Read Full Information

Highlighted Features
  • Easy to Handle Centralized Chart of Accounts
  • Multi-Location Inventory
  • Multi-Chamber Storage
  • Additional Empty Bags Charges Implementation over Storage Memo
  • Auto Managed Empty Bags Inventory
  • Accounting Module integrated with other modules in detail
  • Built-in Data Backup & Restore Features
Integrated Modules
  • Accounts
  • Storage
  • Inventory

Features marked with an (*) are available in Professional Edition only