Terms & Conditions for Registered Users of Dictionaries & Prize Bond Software

Following Terms & Conditions also applies on Trial Version Users

  • Cleantouch will not responsible for any problem caused by the Hardware / Virus Attack / Operating System.
  • Limited support & services will be provided to users, who have purchased products direct from Cleantouch or Online Shop of Cleantouch.
  • Only virtual support will be provided to the clients whom are using our Dictionaries, Games, Prize Bond Searching Software & Other utility products. No physical support (e.g. at user's premises or at our premises) will be provided.
  • No support will be provided on Sunday and public holidays.
  • The product will be provided on as is basis. Cleantouch will not responsible to add extra feature within the software on user request. User can suggest or comment for software enhancement. Any alteration / modification / addition made by the User / Others will be treated Reverse Engineering.
  • In case of error in software or any content of software, user can notify to Cleantouch so it can be removed in next edition.
  • Cleantouch can add / edit security feature without prior notice.
  • User cannot copy the software, forward the CD to other(s), transfer the license of use or abuse it for any other means without backing up. Any action like that will be treated Illegal Distribution.
  • Buyer of product can use software personally in single computer. Buyer cannot give product or key to any other. For distribution in bulk please contact Cleantouch for attractive deal.
  • Product purchased by the organization can be used by one head of the organization only, other concern person of organization will have to purchase product separately.
  • Cleantouch may stop further support and cancel the authorization of using software due to dispute in payment or any action by the user against the policies of Cleantouch.
  • Liability of any Document / Agreement / Bill made by dealer / representative / supporter, will never accepted by Cleantouch Software Corporation.
  • Name of user / user's organization will be used in our Clients List, Website and other marketing and office related documents / materials.
  • User cannot return any product after purchase from Cleantouch.
  • Amount of software will be collected in advance.
  • Terms & Conditions, written at our website will be applied to all previous and upcoming users. No printed document or written file will be given to users.
  • Cleantouch may add / amend terms & condition without prior notice.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. To discuss your needs, visit our contact page or send us email at support@cleantouch.com.pk

Software Support Department
Cleantouch Software Corporation