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Cleantouch Travel XP

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Tickets & Accounting Management Software for Travel Agencies

Cleantouch Travel XP is written specially for the business who works as an agent in traveling business. The software allow maintaining automated account of another travel agents, from them user purchases a package. Family wise hotel expenses recording & Profit & Loss really make this software a must have tool for traveling business.

Ticket, Visa, Package, Affidavit & Polio Amount recorded... Read Full Information

Highlighted Features
  • 2 Level Chart of Account
  • Easy to Use Tickets Buying & Selling Module
  • Track Records of Clients History with Passport #
  • Specially Designed Features for Hajj & Umra Ticketing
  • Maintain Family wise Accounts
  • Built-in Data Backup & Restore Features
  • 1000+ Pre-Defined Color Schemes
Integrated Modules
  • Accounts
  • Tickets Purchase & Sales

Features marked with an (*) are available in Professional Edition only

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